Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Course 3

So here is the reason I started taking these classes...fondant! I've always loved the way fondant looks on cakes but never even knew how to go about using it. This was my first attempt at covering a cake in fondant and it came out so cute.

And this courses finale...

The roses are made completely of fondant. The colors were so much prettier in person, just another example of my photography skills or lack there of. One of the reasons I love fondant is it keeps the cake so moist and fresh. Since it's just Colby and I it can take a while for us to eat a cake, or in this case 2 cakes, especially if we're not sharing with anyone. All in all, I think this course was a success and so far has been my favorite. One more course to go and then I will consider myself a pro :)


chelsmi said...

WOW! For reals, the flowers look incredible!

Linsey said...

All I can say is...AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said... how cute this cake is!!!! :) I bet it is as delicious as those cakey balls you make