Sunday, April 25, 2010

Course 1

Here are pictures of the cakes I made in my first cake decorating course. The rainbow cake was the first, then came the rose cake. I wasn't too excited about the rainbow cake when I first saw it in the book but found that it was much cuter in person. It could use a little jazzing up but it's not too bad for my first cake, right?!

The dreaded rose! These roses are not easy or very fun to make but they actually look pretty adorable once on the cake.

My decorating skills have improved since these first couple of cakes as you will soon see. I wish I could say the same for my photography skills but I can not. I still insist it's the camera and not the photographer. Never the less, stay tuned for more delicious cake decorating goodness!


Colby said...

I just love your cakes! When will you make me one?

chelsmi said...

Amazing! I forgot how much i like the rainbow one. So cute!

Crystal said...

Love the cakes, and the blog!!! I'm so happy to see you doing something you love. :) I miss you.